Agricultural impacts through Technology!


To be a leader in the agriculture production industry, providing optimal and sustainable supply chain solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders.


We strive to optimize the agriculture production supply chain by codifying contractual commitments among supply chain stakeholders and utilizing field and transactional data to monitor and enforce performance. Our goal is to deliver improved efficiency and coordination, increased transparency, reduced costs, and increased competitiveness while ensuring a resilient and reliable supply chain that consistently delivers quality agriculture products and services to all stakeholders.

Stakeholders of Vietnam’s agriculture production supply chains



  • Unreliable crop yield supplies for processing, packaging, manufacturing, and export productions; lacking technology with production supply chain visibility through the cooperatives and their farmers. These, in turn, impact customer delivery commitment over quality, volume, and price.
  • Costs of crop yield fluctuate regularly during harvesting, while price commitments to customers are contractual and often annual
  • Loose relationships with farmers, impact the stability and reliability of supplies
  • Short on working capital, impacting payment terms and actual payments to farmers and cooperatives.

Farmer-owned cooperatives

  • Lacking the capital to pay upfront for high-cost farming tools, equipment.
  • Lacking collateral to borrow money from banks and financial institution.
  • Loose & non-commital relationships with agribusiness, therefore, face higher risks of price and volume fluctuations during harvest season.


  • Lacking the capital to pay upfront for seeds, fertilizers, tools, equipment, labor, and cost of living during the season; often made to pay higher prices or lower quality supplies
  • Often need to borrow money from black markets with interest rates exceeding 100%; Can’t borrow money from financial institutions
  • Constantly facing “được mùa, mất giá” or “good crop, bad price” pressure in crop yield prices during harvesting.

Agri-input suppliers

  • Lacking efficient & scalable distribution channels to the farmers; multiple layers of intermediaries pushing the final price up; high sales & marketing costs.
  • Lacking the capability to help finance farmer purchases, limiting market opportunity
  • Lacking the capability to partner with agriculture lenders to facilitate more sales to farmers and cooperatives.

Agriculture lenders: banks and financial institutions

  • High cost of lending, pushing up higher loan interest rates
  • Do not have a scalable model for effective lending to farmers, cooperatives, and agribusinesses.
  • Do not have an effective risk model to lend to farmers, therefore limiting overall capital deployment in agriculture.


Why what we do matters?

Financial inclusion – deliver much-needed working capital to the whole agriculture production supply chain from agribusiness to farmer-owned cooperatives to the farmers at scale and low cost.

Resilient & reliable agriculture production supply chain which will help agribusinesses to grow their business; help the farmers earn better incomes and predictable and consistent earnings

Food safety & security – ensuring transparency, trust, and quality standards throughout the agriculture production supply chain

What we enable our customers to achieve


  • Reliable and resilient crop yield supplies, delighting the customers
  • Long-term, profitable and sustainable partnerships with cooperatives and farmers
  • Conduit to attract sufficient working capital to help finance its farmers and cooperatives at scale and low cost.


  • Access to finance at low costs and right times
  • Reduce volatility of volume, and pricing during harvesting
  • Higher productivity and lower crop cost with timely access to high-quality agri-input supplies

Farmer-owned cooperatives

  • Access to finance at low costs for capital expenditure spend
  • Better tools and equipment to support member farmers
  • Long-term, profitable and sustainable partnerships with agribusinesses and farmers

Agri-input suppliers

  • Efficient & scalable distribution channel to the agriculture production market
  • More working capital is available to finance agri-input supplies at scale and low cost, thus, expanding market opportunity.
  • More agriculture lenders willing to finance the supply purchase at scale and low cost

Agriculture lenders

  • Low cost of lending & collection to the agriculture production stakeholders
  • Scalable fintech platform for effective lending to farmers, cooperatives, and agribusinesses.
  • Effective risk model to lend to agriculture production stakeholders through our innovative and breakthrough technology platform.
  • Efficient capital deployment at scale, low cost and low risk


Hao Diep

Hao Diep

Founder & CEO
Tuan Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen

Co-Founder & CTO
Minh Le

Minh Le

Head of Operations
Tam Nguyen

Tam Nguyen

Head of Access to Market
Duy Tran

Duy Tran

Lead of Business Analyst
Nga Vo

Nga Vo

Business Analyst




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