Following multiple working sessions, the Signing Ceremony of the investment cooperation was organized on April 7, 2023. Participation were government officicals, lotus cooperatives, Sen Dai Viet and Techcoop.

The cooperation framework was discussed by Executive Boards from Techcoop, Sen Dai Viet and insights from agriculture experts and cooperatives. The objective is to service a network of 5000 of farmers to produce lotus and other local fruits.

Techcoop’s 2026 target is to deliver “access to credit” service to 100 farmers-owned cooperatives, 5000 farmers, equivalent to 10 mil USD. Techcoop aims to increase 25% income for farmers participating in the program. The investment is made through (1) agri-inputs, (2) technology system/traceability, and (3) cash. Sen Dai Viet will directly purchase fruits produced from farms through offtake contacts.

Through partnership, Sen Dai Viet will access to reliable and resilient crop yield supplies, delighting the customers as well as to attract sufficient working capital to help finance its farmers and cooperatives at scale and low cost.

Also at the ceremony, Techcoop strengthened cooperation with Dong Thap local authorities to get hands-on practice in lotus – one of the top 10 strategic produce in Dong Thap.

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